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In my experience
A lot of concert goers would love to support hard working musicians - but the truth is - the majority of music fans no longer buy physical albums.  It makes me sad, but it's just the reality of the situation.  Being a wee bit old-school, I have always gotten my albums physically printed by professional printing companies (I highly recommend DiscMakers).  A while ago, I thought it would be wise to have some other pieces of Mertz-andise to supplement my albums at my merchandise table.  At the time, I had just developed my new logo with Memetic Supply Company & as satisfied as I am with how it looks - I didn't want to just slap it on a shirt & call it a day.  I wanted to create a piece of art that would appeal to people on it's own - instead of a shirt that would just appeal to people who already wanted to support my music....

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[Video] What Comes Down Must Go Up

From the album | The Good in The Bad

This is my second music video as a solo artist, & the first one that I star in as an actor.  Knowing that acting isn't my strong suit, it was important for me to have real love in front of the camera.  That's my Queen co-starring in the video with me.  She's the best.  

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Directed by Greene Films | Produced & Written by Mertz | Cuts by Rico | Recorded by Vertygo @ The Beatbox Studio | Mixed by Mertz & Nastee | Mastered by SkySplitterInk

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[Album] The Good in The Bad

The Good in The Bad: CD
  • The Good in The Bad: CD

The Good in The Bad: CD

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Album is in CD format in a professionally printed jacket with front & back cover art. CD comes shrink wrapped.

All Songs Written, Performed & Produced by Mertz Except Where Noted | Recorded by Vertygo @ The Beatbox Studio - Pawtucket, RI | Mixed by Mertz & Nastee @ The House - Brooklyn, NY | Mastered by Zach Crawford of SkySplitterInk | Cuts by Rico


I am not a 'rapper'.

I am a musician.

Thank you for listening.

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